Make the Tax Season Count Here in Irvine!

You've given back and gotten your taxes done, now comes time to use your well-earned tax return on a new car for yourself or your family. Whether you're looking to for a combination of spending and saving or you're just looking for something affordable for your money, look no further than the bargain inventory here at Tuttle-Click Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Irvine.

Bargain Prices, Better Quality

You might think getting a "bargain" car means getting a junker that'll only be drivable for a year or maybe less but, here at Tuttle-Click, we want you to have the absolute best for your money. All of our used cars must pass a quality assurance inspection and many have a clean CARFAX Vehicle History Report to put your mind at ease. "Bargain" and "low-quality" should not be one and the same!

A Diverse Selection

We offer all types of cars in our bargain inventory from sedans to SUVs and more. Some are from GM brands and some are from other leading manufacturers such as Honda, Nissan, Ford and Mazda. No matter what type of car your looking for, we have something here to meet your needs!

You've gotten your taxes done, the hard part's over! So, come down to Tuttle-Click Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Irvine and reward yourself today with any of the used cars, trucks, SUVs and beyond in our bargain inventory! See you soon!

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