Go Back To School Dressed in Style and Pampered by Practicality in a Chrysler Pacifica

Form and function. They're two different things, but often, they're linked. A stylish roadster, for instance, has a small, low-slung form that gives birth to its function – inspiring the senses and creating something sporty. Likewise, minivans have often been considered notoriously practical, but also sometimes highly-drab vehicles; their usefulness coming out of a two-box shape that isn't the stuff of automotive daydreams.

While we here at Tuttle-Click Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM Irvine would hardly equate the Chrysler Pacifica with a sports car, as multi-row, people-hauling minivans go, we think this Chrysler van ranks pretty highly for both form and function. So, as the kids head back to school in their new wardrobes, sharpened pencil in-hand, putting their best foot forward, you too, can head into a new year more comfortably and confidently behind-the-wheel of a stylish and well-equipped new Chrysler Pacifica!

Pacifica: Inspiring Afterschool Automotive Envy Since 2017

Little Johnny and Jeanette might not notice, but the other soccer moms and stay-at-home-dads certainly do, when you pull up to the pickup lane in a new Pacifica. Of course, once Johnny and Jeanette step inside, and they see their favorite cartoon playing in the rear seat entertainment system, they'll notice how special the Pacifica is, too. Inciting automotive envy in every school parking lot since it was released in 2017, the Chrysler Pacifica helps you accommodate everyone you love, while impressing others, and pampering yourself, too!

Learn More or Take a Test-Drive

Not quite sold on the idea of a minivan? Have you driven a Pacifica yet? If not, we invite you down to our showroom, conveniently located at 40 Auto Center Drive in Irvine, California. We think once you get your hands around the available soft leather-wrapped steering wheel, experience the wonder and convenience of features like automatic parking, and feel what it's like to command a vehicle as smooth and sleek as the Pacific is, you'll be saying "wheee" all the way home in a new van sooner than you might think!

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