Two Important Tips for Maintaining Your Vehicle in the Spring

Spring is a good time to give your vehicle some much needed TLC! Due to the harsh conditions of winter, many of your automotive components are subject to intense wear and tear, which is why we advise you to conduct maintenance and repairs this spring. Below are three tips on how Tuttle-Click Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram customers can keep their models running in tip-top shape.

Check the Components Under the Hood

Did you know that colder temperatures can negatively impact mechanics? For instance, belts and hoses can become brittle and crack, leading to leaks that may prevent your vehicle from operating safely. Your engine oil can thicken due to the cold, too. This creates friction between moving cogs and gears of your engine and transmission system, inhibiting their function. If you notice any of these signs, then replace parts and fluids right away to ensure your safety on the road.

Check Your Tires, Alignment, and Suspension

As with the elements under the hood, the underbody of your vehicle also requires attention. Take the tires as an example. While tire pressure decreases in cooler temperatures, the opposite is true for warmer temperatures. Under and over inflated tires not only affect how efficiently your vehicle performs, but can put you at the risk of a blowout. Additionally, you should be checking your tire alignment and suspension because the melted snow is likely to reveal potholes and other obstacles.

Schedule Your Spring Car Maintenance and Repairs in Irvine, CA

While some drivers administer car care on their own, we understand there are many others who would rather leave automotive maintenance and repairs to a professional. In such an instance, we welcome you to our service center in Irvine, CA. Our technicians can administer a checkup to ensure that your vehicle is in working order and that any issues are addressed right away! To schedule your appointment, just submit a request online!

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